Tape Hair

Russian and European Grade Hair Extensions.


We sell the finest remy European and Russian grade tape hair extensions available in the world.

We don’t hide behind a website and you are absolutely welcome to come in and see the hair before you buy it.

European and Russian Grade tape hair extension does not relate so much to the origin of the hair but more to the Grade of the hair. The hair we sell is the best of the best collected from around the globe!

Human hair extensions are in massive demand throughout the world and now more than ever before, many suppliers and hair dressers unfortunately will end up buying hair that is non-remy (meaning it will tangle severely) and or hair that is dry, coarse and mixed with synthetics or animal hair .

Both European and Russian Grade tape hair extensions are absolutely beautiful , but the Russian grade generally being of the highest quality and is softer and smoother right to the ends.

All our hair is cut straight and thick from top to bottom …so don’t be afraid of straggly, skinny ends!

Our tape hair extension is the most beautiful, soft , tangle free, luxurious hair you will find on the web and we are so sure you will be nothing but over the moon with the quality, you can keep it for 30 days check the quality against others on the market, have it tested by professionals and conduct any pre-application checks before using it!

European Remy - AA Grade- Medium Texture – Beautiful thick hair from top to bottom– 100% Italian Remy Grade–100% cuticle correct – Never Tangles -– Full – Medium thickness to cuticle – Slight wave – Fantastic for Medium browns to dark brown to black hair, because much of the hair is often virgin (natural and uncoloured) or only slightly coloured to lighten it or to even out the tone, it is in beautiful condition. The hair may not be quite as smooth on the ends as the Russian grade which is the highest quality of all.

Human hair extensions are collected from various regions of the world and may include

Human hair extensions are from different people each time, so the hair each time will be slightly different from the package before.

Human hair extensions are not a manufactured product so the hair may vary slightly in texture and shade at times.

Russian Remy –Finest Texture – AAA Grade – Beautiful thick hair from to bottom – 100%  Russian Remy Grade –100% cuticle correct – Never Tangles -– fine cuticle texture – Slight wave – perfect for platinum Blondes, Dark blondes, Light brown to Medium Brown hair, Dark brown hair and people with finer cuticle  hair.

The raw hair may be lighter to begin with, so it may not be coloured as much as hair which is naturally black or almost black. The hair is generally, softer and smoother grade, right to the ends.

We have a sample of non- remy hair to show you the difference.  We are dedicated to helping women buy top quality, beautiful, European and Russian Grade hair.

The best quality hair will always look the nicest from the day it is placed to the day they are removed.  Who wants hair extensions that cheap and nasty when you can and should look your best!  

Our supreme Russian and European tape hair extensions are of the world’s highest standard and have a much finer, softer and smoother appearance, texture and feel compared to most hair extensions on the market and requires more gentle care. This is because our hair is not of the thick coarser grade which most people struggle to blend with their own hair.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Care Tips:                                                                                                  

1) Please do not wash your hair for 24 hours after application.

2) Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner such as Muk (Pink bottle) with a little leave in treatment from the roots down, Moroccan oil  or a high quality serum also works well.              

3) Do not pull or brush wet hair.            

4) Many customers wash their hair with a purple shampoo, but this is at the customers own discretion, many brands of toning shampoo’s can be too harsh, check with the stockist if it is recommended, and always test a very small amount of hair first to ensure it is compatible, you also may wish to dilute it with your regular shampoo if required -Never bleach, use a tone or attempt to lighten the hair, you may dye it darker with a gentle semi or wash.                                                                                                

6) Dry your hair gently with a hairdryer on low heat or cold or dry naturally.  The least  amount of heat from styling products the better, and always use a heat protector.                    

7) Dry your hair before bed and plait it to avoid tangling.         

8) Always plait your hair before swimming, (do not do a fishtail braid), and never put your hair in a bun when swimming.  Rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as possible.         

9) Brush your hair gently with a natural bore bristle brush, starting at the bottom and   supporting the section you are brushing with your other hand so there is no tension at the scalp.

How to tell the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair.

  1. Price is the #1 determining factor – if the hair is too cheap to buy it will more than likely not be remy as remy hair is much more expensive than non-remy hair.
  2. If the hair feels very light it is not remy, real hair has a heavier, cool feel.
  3. If the hair is very thick from top to bottom – and does not gently taper out (like a normal ponytail would) then it is mostly likely not remy, double drawn hair just means it is a bit thicker to the ends but is not the same type of thickness from top to bottom.
  4. Remy hair is naturally shiny, because it is healthy, non-remy hair is extremely shiny  because it is covered in Silicone.
  5. When you run your fingers through non-remy hair you will still feel a slight ‘catch’, and it will not slip softly through your fingers quite like it should..it can take a bit of practice to learn to feel for this. Remy hair falls effortlessly through your fingers.
  6. Remy hair falls and separates naturally; non-remy hair does not do this as naturally, even when it is covered in silicone.
  7. Most importantly if it looks overly shiny, too thick, and almost too good to be true then it probably is! Natural hair is not absolutely perfect and it should look like normal hair and slowly taper toward the ends and it should have shorter hairs throughout it.