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Best Hair Extensions On The Market


The best hair extensions on the marketPure Tape Hair Extensions supplies 100% remy human luxury premium hair Extensions.  In order to create the best hair extensions which are long-lasting and retain their vital health, colour vibrancy, softness and structure we have summarised some of our key best practices.

With over 15 years in the elite hair extensions industry, we understand in order to have the ability to create an extensive range of shades, the raw hair needs to be of the very highest and healthiest quality to ensure it can be coloured to our extensive array of cleaning stunning colours such as white and icy blonde, creamy blonde, silver and greys as well as our stunning array of ombre and balayage shades which literally melt to create a soft perfect result.

We are constantly improving and updating our systems in order to cater to the ever-increasing new and innovative, styles and colours including new ombre combinations our clients.  

We cater to internationally to top salons, beauty professionals and models and have gained extensive insight into the numerous factors vital in ensuring we produce a product to meet the desired expectations.

Pure Tape Hair Extensions produce all types of hair extensions including tape in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, wefts, weaves, micro-bead hair extensions, keratin bond extensions, flip-in halos, ponytails ombre hair extensions and a range of balayage extensions, white-blonde hair extensions and we are capable of creating any custom design your heart desires!

Our double drawn stunning array of premium luxury hair extensions are produced with 100% Remy human hair and because we go to great lengths to supply superior products we wanted to explain a little more about out processes to give you the consumer more knowledge about our hair extensions and hair extensions in general so you can make informed and educated decisions when purchasing this amazing product.

At the very beginning we use our senior factory manager to sort through the various boxes of freshly cut ponytails collected.

The hair is sorted and any hair that is not of the finest quality is rejected.  We only accept the very best.

We purchase only the best, premium real human hair from different sources worldwide to give us the ability to pick and choose the most beautiful hair on offer.  

By using the highest quality hair material, this means we have the ability to create the best hair extensions on the market and allows us the freedom to produce sophisticated and rare shades such as white blonde hair extensions, silver hair extensions, grey hair extensions and creamy blonde hair extensions.

This hair is collected by our dealers and then brought to our factory before we make a selection.

We inspect the hair based on the following: 



Inspection Characteristics:

  • Hair softness and strength - our human hair is only acceptable from young healthy doners.

  • Roots aligned at the top and cuticles running in the same direction facing downwards to the tip.

  • Presence of grey hairs or colour treated hair - while the odd grey can even be present in younger womens hair, more grey means it is from an older donor and is rejected.

  • Smooth with even colour and full smooth ends.

  • Only 100% hygienically cleaned hair can be accepted.

Once these parameters have been determined, we make a selection and any hair that does not pass our strict requirements are on-sold to bulk hair extensions factories.

What are the most important aspects of hair extensions should a professional buyer be searching for?

Below we have both simplified and clarified the most vital and important aspects necessary to ensure you, the consumer will be able to determine whether or not a supplier is most likely providing a genuine, authentic hair extensions product.

Remy Hair:

The phrase "Remy Hair Extensions " has become more of a marketing tool than actually about the hair structure.

Often you will even see the term confused by even seemingly top professional companies who might even write phrases such as "our hair is not remy it is real Russian".  

The reason this is so wrong is that these companies do not even understand the differentiation of the hairs structure in comparison to the actual origin which are two completely different things, and of which we see very often used interchangeably.

To clear up the misunderstanding one must understand the term "Remy" refers to the direction of the cuticle - nothing else and is of critical importance.

With every supplier claiming that their hair is Remy, how do you actually know?

It can be very difficult to determine the claims and authenticity of the human hair one purchases but normally if a colour range is extensive you can be sure it is real remy hair because non-remy hair simply cannot be coloured correctly as the poor quality of the original raw material simply does not allow the hair to be lightened extensively or to more ashy shades.

Just about every distributor and manufacturer out there claim they have Remy hair extensions, but very few actually do.


Luxury Remy Hair Is Carefully Selected To Create Our Premium Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair & Processed Hair & Why The Two Are Worlds Apart.

The understanding and importance of the use of virgin hair is often misunderstood and grossly underestimated because hair extensions will look and feel beautiful in accordance to combing/brushing ease, strength and elasticity.

Human hair is an elastic substance that can withstand stretching when healthy, however, if it is unhealthy it can easily break or become deformed (eg thin out) and get very brittle.

The procedure our factory using evaluating the strength and elasticity properties of human hair is via tensile strain, most factories do not bother with this being the hair is created in bulk.

Essentially, when we apply the force of combing, brushing and styling of our hair, it should bounce back if the hair is healthy.  

In scientific values, for example, if we stretch the hair 5%-10%, the hair will undertake a complete recovery and will bounce back to the original length without damage. Unless the hair is abused it should not be stretched beyond 5-10%.  

We test all our virgin hair via a micro-scope to ensure the strands tested bounce back to their original healthy state.  

With processed hair extensions, the percentage values are significantly diminished as the cortex has suffered massive chemical damage and cannot withstand applications of force and will not snap back when it has been stretched.  

What can you do to prevent your hair extensions from further loss of tensile properties?

Understand the limitations of the hair type or hair extensions can help you maintain your new hair accordingly.

  • Avoid excessive combing and styling, especially with a comb when the hair is wet.  It is always best to brush with a natural bore bristle brush that a comb.

  • If the hair is tangled for example after being in the wind, gently work your tangles out by brushing from the bottom up.

  • Do not aggressively rub wet hair with a towel, but instead gently pat and squeeze to remove the moisture.

  • After exposure to the sun, surf swimming etc, you can spritz your hair with water and a leave-in treatment and allow the hair time to recover from the drying effects of exposure.

  • Deep treatment conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends at least twice a week and only washing at the roots (the shampoo running through your hair is enough to clean the mid to end lengths). This will help retain the hair's moisture content.

Our Dying Procedures:

best hair extensions Australia

How do we measure if hair will lighten successfully from dark brown to platinum blond without serious damage to cuticle layers?

Our factory uses advanced testing to measure the denier of the hair strands to make sure it falls into the applicable measurements of 48-55 microns at the point of about 10" from roots. If the hair is too fine or too coarse, it cannot be effectively lightened into smooth healthy shades.  

When unhealthy hair bleached back it will result in brassy, uneven colour.

Our hair extensions slowly dyed with a unique cool water process ensuring the roots, middle and ends are absorbed evenly.       

We use special advanced pre-metalized dyes imported from Switzerland.  This type of special dye results in vibrant yet natural colours, without the need of damaging chemicals which greatly retains the health of the hair. 

The colour acts like acid dyes for vibrancy but bond with the hair like metallic dyes so they last a long time and don't fade and become flat like cheaper dyes used by most factories.

Whilst the process of dying takes place we carefully monitor the pH to ensure the proper balance has been achieved and maintained throughout which keeps the natural vitality and integrity is retained during the entire process and finally a special hair treatment conditioner bath is used to further protect and lubricate the hair after the dying application is complete.

The processes we undertake to achieve our desired colours and styles coupled with longevity and beauty of our hair extensions result in a luxury hair extensions product you can count on and trust in your salon or for your own personal use.  

Our number one goal is to create the best premium seamless hair extensions you and your clients will love at the most affordable and competitive prices. 

Best Premium hair extensions, luxury 100% human remy premium hair

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