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Ethically Sourced 100% Australian Supplier With Over 200+ Colours & Designs.

Balayage hair extensions, root stretch hair extensions, highlighted hair extensions

Our Ethically sourced Australian Hair Extensions are with made with 100% Remy double-drawn natural human hair.

You may have noticed our "Sell your hair" page.  We are one of the only suppliers who buy natural hair from Australian women and children. We hold a diverse range of colours lengths and textures of hair in a range of shades and lengths giving us the flexibility to create unique custom options unavailable elsewhere.

With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being the true experts in the hair extensions market.  Our beautiful hair is collected from Australia and selected regions throughout the world gives us the freedom to create the most stunning hair extensions available online. 

Our extensive range includes tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, wefts, micro-bead hair extensions, and more.

Our luxury creations are made with care and precision, utilising professional colouring techniques to produce an array of cool ashy shades, clean blonde tones, ombre balayage, root stretch hair extensions, and foiled shades.

Exclusive Designs: At Pure, our exclusive designs are the result of the creativity of our highly trained technicians.

We offer hair extensions in lengths up to 32" with customisation options for colour, length, and shade.

Our commitment to quality means we only use 100% pure virgin cuticle remy human hair. 

Tape hair extensions:

Our Australian tape hair extensions are favoured for their non-damaging nature, quick application, comfort, versatility, natural appearance, easy maintenance, and suitability for various hair types.

They are easy to remove and reusable. With our variety of colours, you can be as creative as your heart desires and get that look without spending hours colouring and toning.

This non-damaging method suits all hair types, sitting flat and remaining invisible under the hair when applied correctly.
Micro-Bead Hair Extensions:

Human Hair Scrunchie Bun: 

Our Australian Human hair scrunchie buns are made with real 100% remy human hair in a range of beautiful shades you wont find elsewhere because we only use natural human hair to make them. 

They work just like a regular elastic scrunchie, adorned with thick Remy human hair.

Pop them in place in seconds by wrapping them around your existing bun or short ponytail where they stay securely all day, giving you a gorgeous thick high, low or side bun in seconds.

You may see cheap buns advertised touted as "real as human hair" etc, however this is synthetic hair.  Synthetic hair feels dry and is easy to spot in natural daylight.  

Micro-bead hair extensions :

This method avoids glue, heat, or chemicals. Using silicone-lined rings, a section of natural hair is gently pulled through the ring, and the extension hair is inserted into the ring and clamped shut. This cost-effective method often allows for hair re-use with proper care.

Keratin Bonded:

One of the original favourites, keratin bonded hair extensions method, is a strand of pre-bonded extension hair is applied to a section of natural hair using heat. Removal is achieved with a special remover, softening the bond for gentle extraction.

Clip-In Hair Extensions:

Convenient for special occasions or quick changes, our 150-gram clip-in hair extensions are thick, soft, smooth, and long-lasting, providing stunning value.

Wefts Hair Extensions:

Our Australian weft hair extensions can be attached with micro-beads, sewn, or braided in, offering versatility in application.

Halo Flip-In Hair Extensions:

The quickest alternative to clip-ins, our halo flip-in hair extensions are applied in 30 seconds, providing a secure and fast solution for long hair without attaching to natural hair.

Wavy Hair Extensions:

Wavy hair extensions are curled using heat, providing temporary waves that can be re-styled. The wavy variety is designed to be worn wavy, with the ability to create curls for added body and texture.

Service and Support:

Our team is dedicated to assisting customers in finding the perfect colour and type of hair extensions to suit their unique characteristics and lifestyle. With a trained hair extension stylist on hand, we provide up-to-date information on industry developments.


We offer express shipping at a flat rate of $14.95 Australia-wide, ensuring a secure and timely delivery with signature and insurance. International shipping options include registered standard or express post.