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Hair Extensions For Women Over 40

hair extensions for mature women
These days we get inundated with images of young women sporting long flowing and irresistibly thick hair. They are wearing their tape hair extensions (most popular method in the world) or other types of attachment methods with huge smiles or sultry pouts and often older women see these images and think long volumous hair is only for girls in their teens, 20s, and 30s. 

Well, I'm here to tell you something and it might surprise you. It is estimated that over 30% of hair extensions sales are by or for (purchased by the salon) for women over the age of 40s.   While many women in their 40's and over may be a lot less interested in posting photos online it doesn't mean hair extensions are not their best hair secret.

We have been in the hair extensions industry for many years and have been advising and guiding our customers in the right direction whether they have light hair or dark hair, short hair, or if they are young or more mature.
Over the years we have many asking whether hair extensions will make them look older if they are over 40 so here we are to answer just that.

Hair extensions can make a dramatic difference to your look but often in a subtle and hard to pinpoint way. The amazing thing is, most people (unless you go for a very long look) won't actually realise you have hair extensions and often will make comments such as how "rested" or you look "healthy" or they may ask if you have lost weight or been working out, rather than picking hair extensions as the reason for your enhanced appearance.

Long, thick hair has always been perceived as a sign of youth and fertility, this is a deeply rooted biological view. This view is hard-wired into both women and men so it makes sense that hair extensions will have an anti-aging effect when done properly. Given also that in their later years women’s hair isn’t what it used to be. This means for women in their 40s and 50s its the perfect time to replenish their looks with hair extensions.
Unfortunately, hair thinning with age is almost guaranteed. Genetically hair deteriorates with age. Your cells are less able to reproduce as you age, plus changes in hormones mean diminished estrogen, which effects the hairs strength, elasticity and colour.

Luckily hair extensions especially tape hair extensions are lightweight so when applied correctly do not cause tension or damage.   Hair extensions are applied to the strongest part of the hair being and the roots meaning almost everyone can wear extensions safely. 

Now more than ever, even the finest hair can be thickened gently & beautifully with hair extensions. At Pure whether you’re in your 40s, 50s or beyond, we can give you an array of options to easily get the look you've always dreamed of.Generally speaking, women of a certain age, especially of the non-celebrity variety, tend to regard long hair as age-inappropriate. We might just about get away with it shoulder-length, but anything longer was seen as inappropriate.

Women of all ages want to feel confident about their appearance, and aside from cosmetic surgery, nothing can enhance your looks as quickly or effectively as hair extensions and for so much less money and stress than going under the knife.
Tape-in hair extensions these days have made leaps and bounds as far as it comes to attention to detail, colour variations, discreetness, and comfort.  This means hair extensions are perfect for those, who want to enhance their length, add volume or change up the color and or style without a long-term commitment. Plus, there is not any damage to the hair.

Hair extensions use is by female celebrities whether regularly or occasionally is estimated to be around 97%. It makes sense, when you consider that they can go from a bob to mermaid hair literally within an hour or two.
 Celebrities just like the rest of us want to look their best and often our self-esteem depends on whether we feel confident when we look at ourselves in the mirror.  If you love what you see you will often feel much happier and fulfilled in life. 

We have been in the business of helping women to look and feel their best, whatever their age and the characteristics of their natural hair for over 20 years and have the necessary understanding of all methods, characteristics and types of hair extensions.

The right hair extensions will work like magic on your image, so get in touch with us or go online to pick the perfect hair to boost your looks for far less money, time and effort you ever thought possible.

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