lace front wigs Australia

Custom Made & Pre-designed


Pure proudly presents a line of exquisite quality lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and frontal and closure kits. Our collection encompasses a variety of lengths, textures, and colours, including unique Balayage, Ombre, root stretch/rooted styles, and custom highlight/lowlight designs. With an international team of highly trained colour technicians, we introduce stunning new shades such as silver, rose gold, and gunmetal grey.


Hair Quality: Crafted from pure virgin Russian-grade human hair, our lace front and full lace units exemplify over 15 years of expertise. Utilizing advanced hair production technologies, we bring you the most natural-looking, comfortable, and durable units globally.

Natural Appearance: Our lace wigs and hair systems, with advanced technology, achieve a 100% natural look to the human eye. They last longer, featuring superior hair quality compared to cheaper grades of hair.

Versatility: Extremely versatile, allowing you to part and style your hair freely without concerns about hiding tracks, bumps, or lumps. Our systems do not require glue or tape, ensuring no damage to your natural hair.

Hair Growth Promotion: The lace wig covers your natural hair, protecting it from the elements and promoting the growth of your own longer and healthier hair.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement: Our advanced technology for non-surgical hair replacement surpasses other systems in terms of value and quality in the world today.

Undetectable: Our systems cannot be distinguished from one's own real hair when applied correctly, offering the most beautiful, natural, comfortable, and cool systems on the market.

Hand-Tied: All our systems are painstakingly hand-tied into a sheer lace base, one single hair at a time. The result should look so natural that it is virtually undetectable, even at a close distance.

Long-Lasting: Whether applied permanently for weeks or daily in under a minute, our lace wigs are designed for longevity. You can comb your hair straight back or put it up in a ponytail.

Complete Change: Ideal for a complete change without the need to dye your own hair dramatically. This saves your hair from unnecessary damage and offers a quick and natural-looking transformation.


Apply daily in under a minute.

Removal is quick, taking a matter of seconds.

Allows you to comb your hair straight back or put it up in a ponytail.

A smart and fast way to enjoy a new style, length, and colour

Embrace the hair you've always dreamed of with our easy lace wig options!